Lynx Environmental Services provide a service of measuring and evaluating the impact regeneration and development can have on an individual, community, environment, ecology or climate. Our services range from carrying out protected species surveys for individual residential planning applications to undertaking Environmental Impact Assessments of proposed industrial developments.

We are able to conduct surveys at any time, day or night and will produce video and photographs on request to support our data collection processes and findings.

Combined with other Lynx Environmental Services we provide the expert evidence to support your regeneration and development plans. Our assessment reports can be used to support your planning applications. Representatives of Lynx Environmental Services can be available to speak during planning committees on your behalf.


Protected Species

When refurbishing or developing properties planning applications and authorities sometimes require a survey of protected species that may be present, for example, bats, badgers, birds and other animals. Lynx Environmental are able to survey your property to identify the presence of a protected species and produce an Ecological Impact Assessment of any proposed development. If appropriate we can assist with the creation of alternative habitats for those species.

Water Assessment

Lynx Environmental Services water sampling tests, monitors and reports on the quality of a water source. Ecological surveys are conducted on behalf of corporations whose working practices might have had an impact on local water sources, or whose proposed development is anticipated to have an impact. As required we are able to capture any protected species discovered, ensure their continued exclusion from the impacted water as well as forming and monitoring their alternative habitation.



Flood Assessment

Flood Risk Assessment and reports are carried out on behalf of property developers. Our assessments report on our evaluation of the likelihood of flooding within a development and includes a survey of the topography and the impact on the local ecology. Our risk assessments include management solutions that can be used to support planning application.

Ecological Impact Assessment

Detailed ecological surveys are conducted in support of regeneration and development plans. Ecological Impact Assessments can be used to support proposed developments as management solutions are included where ecological concerns have been identified.

Wind Turbine Assessment

With increasing demand for alternative sources of power Lynx Environmental Services are able to produce Ecological Impact Assessments for vertical wind turbines. Particular attention is given to the effect on any protected species or wildlife within a proposed site and the development of management solutions.


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