Lynx Environmental Services measure and survey noise levels emanating from both the workplace and environment and produce qualified reports based on those assessments.

We are able to conduct surveys at any time, day or night and will produce video and photographs on request to support our data collection processes and findings.


Workplace Noise

Noise at work can cause hearing loss that can either be temporary or permanent. By law employers must assess and identify measures to eliminate or reduce risks from exposure to noise so that they can protect the hearing of their employees.

A Lynx Environmental Noise Risk Assessment fulfils employer obligations as it identifies areas where there may be a risk from noise, and those employees who are most likely to be affected. The report estimates employee exposure and compares it with recommended exposure action values and limit values. We identify what action needs to be taken to comply with the law, for example, identifying employees that may benefit from health surveillance and make recommendations in relation to noise-control measures such as the supply of hearing protectors.



Environmental Noise

Noise is a consequence of today's society that has an impact on both the environment and the population. Environmental noise mostly eminates from transportation whether by means of road, rail and air. Neighbourhood noise eminates from people and activities, for example, noise from neighbours, pubs, clubs and construction sites. Neighbourhood noise may amount to a Statutory Nuisance, whereby the effect can be shown to be prejudicial to an individual's health or interferes with a person's ordinary use or enjoyment of their land.

Lynx Environmental Services collect noise measurements and provide reports on our assessment of its impact under the following circumstances.

  • Assessment of noise for the purpose of planning applications
  • Monitoring of noise according to planning consent compliance
  • Nuisance noise complaints and an evaluation of the impact
  • Assessment of noise from the entertainment industry and an evaluation of the impact
  • Assessment of industrial noise and an evaluation of the impact


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