Decisions about future transport strategy rely on good information about the journeys currently being made by travellers. Lynx Environmental offers a range of traffic data collection services that can be used to inform those decisions.

Whether the objective is surveying accident risks, obstruction, traffic delays or the use of public transport with a view of reducing the carbon footprint we have the video, automatic and manual means of assessing the current situation.

Our service extends from understanding the reasons behind the data collection, employing the appropriate collection process and reporting our evaluation and assessment of the information gathered.

We are able to conduct surveys at any time, day or night and will produce video and photographs on request to support our data collection processes and findings.



Manual Traffic Counts

From volume counts over a designated period of time to more in depth vehicle classification studies. Surveys conducted at road junctions, primary and secondary roads, country lanes, multi-lane roads surveying lane usage and vehicle occupancy.

Automatic Traffic Counts

Continuous traffic data collection over a designated period of time. Surveys conducted at road junctions, primary and secondary roads, country lanes and multi-lane roads.

Vehicle Speed Surveys

Measurement of vehicle speeds over a designated period of time. Surveys conducted at primary and secondary roads, country lanes and multi-lane roads

Driver Questionnaires

A whole range of surveys can be carried out during the questioning of drivers, for example, details of their routes, reasons for travel and distrance travelled. Surveys conducted on secondary roads and country lanes.

Queue Surveys

Traffic queues are measured by the number of vehicles, the number of vehicle occupants, the distance from beginning to end, the time of day and the amount of time taken to travel the length of the queue. Surveys are conducted on primary, secondary and country roads as well as multi-lane roads and tollbooths.

Car Park Surveys

Car park surveys are a useful tool in measuring volume, duration of stay, reasons for parking and peak usage.



Visitors to Country Parks

Surveying incoming and outgoing traffic, measurement of the length of stay and visitor questionnaires to establish whether their experience matched their expectation.

Pedestrian and Cycle Surveys

A wide range of pedestrian and cycle surveys in both urban and rural environments including the use of public transport systems, use of pedestrian crossings and use of cycle paths.

Pedestrian Questionnaires

As well as measuring the volume and behaviour of pedestrians we also carry out one to one questionnaires. This can be used to determine customer modes of transport, routes and distance travelled.


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